How to keep your house cool with Just a Fan!

If you’re home is like mine, there are weekly arguments about what the temperature should be in your house. The fanthermostat is probably programmed as it always has but there are just some days that it feels hotter than others. Fiddling with the air conditioning conjures up visions of dollar bills being blown away, but if you can’t get comfortable at home where can you beat the heat? Turns out instead of our A/C we may not be using a fan to its full potential.

I came across this news segment on YouTube which has a home inspector showing how just a simple fan can lower the temperature in your home if used correctly. For example, putting a fan on the side of the house that gets shed and having it blow towards the side with sun will help balance out the temperature. Put a bowl of ice cubes in front of that same fan and you basically have a MacGyver-esque air conditioning unit.

While central air is still my home coolant of choice, these fan tricks can help cool down pockets of  your home that just always seem to be hotter than others. Check out the video above for the full list of tips on how to keep your house cool with just a fan.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Ryk Neethling


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